Video shows dramatic rescue of unresponsive surfer at Pipeline

As reported by SURFER, Floridian pro surfer Evan Geiselman nearly drowned on Sunday after being knocked unconscious while surfing at Pipeline in Hawaii. Now, as reported by SURFING, a new video has emerged showing the heroic efforts of professional bodyboarder Andre Botha, who realized Geiselman was in trouble and immediately came to his rescue. (Warning: This video contains profane language and isn’t for the faint of heart.)

Botha’s efforts have been credited with saving Geiselman’s life.

The video, which shows Botha swimming out to Geiselman’s limp body, helps illuminate just how much effort Botha had to put into saving the surfer and how much risk he took on to do so.

Evan Geiselman rescue at Pipeline
Botha’s quick response likely saved Geiselman’s life.
As he attempts to pull Geiselman to safety, Botha has to fight off intense currents that would draw both he and Geiselman back out into the surf impact zone, while also dealing with crashing whitewash that keeps pouring over Geiselman’s unresponsive body.

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Yesterday, Botha visited the 22-year-old surfer in the hospital:

Botha wasn’t the only one stoked that Geiselman was feeling better, as the surf community rallied to support Geiselman on Twitter:

Geiselman is expected to make a full recovery.

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