Video shows terrifying moment skydiver loses parachute midair

A new POV video has emerged showing the terrifying moment a professional skydiver lost his parachute in the middle of a dive, forcing him to deploy his reserve parachute in midair.

Daniel Herndon of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been a professional skydiver with the Skydive Airtight outfit for seven years and has successfully completed over 1,600 jumps.

But on Tuesday, while participating in a demonstration jump above the Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City, something went wrong.

“As soon as I left the plane everything was going good,” Herndon told Oklahoma City’s KOCO. “When it was time to open the parachute on deployment … [the parachute] came out just spinning. It was spinning in such a way I couldn’t get stable from it and had to go into emergency procedure and activate my reserve parachute.”

According to Herndon, this is the eighth time in seven years that he has had to deploy his reserve parachute. He told KOCO that due to the speed at which he was falling, he wasn’t able to deliberate on the decision to cut himself from his main parachute, but merely went into survival mode.

“What’s going through my mind is, ‘Oh crap! This isn’t going right,'” Herndon told KOCO. “You really don’t have time to react. You just do what you have to do to land safely.”

While Herndon survived the scary incident unscathed, his gear did not: Herndon’s main parachute and free bag floated away after he cut himself from the twisted parachute. And unfortunately for Herndon, the equipment isn’t cheap.

In order to recoup the estimated $2,150 in lost gear, the skydiving instructor has set up a GoFundMe account.

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