Video: GoPro SUP Yoga

Video: SUP Yoga in Miami Beach with Dashama

That SUP yoga thing — it’s so hot right now. We’re talking sizzling, scorching, searing, smoking hot, and we’re not talking about the yogis we typically associate with this tone-transforming pastime (though they’re usually pretty smokin’ as well). SUP yoga is a niche rooted in the physical challenges of balance and flexibility, paired with the spiritual enrichment that comes with performing yoga — a meditative workout enhanced by breath control and postural poise — on water, the favored arena for us water folk. It stands alone as a well-rounded exercise routine with boundless potential for improving one’s yoga proficiency, but the practice is also conducive for all other realms of athleticism, refining balance, flexibility and strength to compliment every active endeavor from SUP to skiing.

Here we find Dashama (yes, that’s her actual birth name) — author, yoga instructor and founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute based in Miami, Florida — performing SUP yoga at its finest on her new Starboard inflatable SUP. Dashama’s job is to spread the yoga-stoke by conducting yoga teacher trainings and retreats in exotic locations around the globe. Her next retreat is scheduled for April 12-22 in Costa Rica, and registration is now open to all comers.

To register for Dashama’s Costa Rica retreat, or for more information about Pranashama Yoga Institute, visit their website.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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