Watch: Thrilling Video of Wingsuit BASE Jump Through the Italian Dolomites

When you think crazy, few activities hold a sanity-questioning candle to BASE jumping. Add a wingsuit flight to the mix? Perhaps some proximity flying near jagged rock spires? Well, that’s taking the definition to a whole new level.

On Saturday, GoPro released a short-but-insane clip featuring two of its athletes, Marshall Miller and Jesse Hall, doing what they do best through the Italian Dolomites with the GoPro Bomb Squad. The footage is absolutely hair-raising.

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The point-of-view from the filmer provides a wildly entertaining first-hand look into how close these guys get to on-coming features; the subject himself gets within (what looks like) only feet from what could be a deadly collision.

While the adrenaline-pumping ride itself is less than a minute, it’s packed with more intense moments than many feature-length films. The level of skill and calculated precision needed for a stunt like this is beyond our imaginations. Released only a few days ago, (as of the time of this writing) the clip already has over 110,000 views.

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The video also acts as a teaser for the duo’s new short film LINE OF SIGHT, produced by Kavu Films. The film is a deep look into the wild world of wingsuit BASE jumping.

“The golden age of wingsuiting is upon us. Through evolving suit technology the initial inflation time has gone down, which has lead to quicker starts and more exits,” say the filmmakers. “Wingsuit athletes Marshal Miller, Jesse Hall, and Sean Chuma take you through some of the most iconic jumps in the Italian Dolomites.”

If you’re feeling a little “meh” on a Tuesday, needing to pump a little adrenaline into your day, you’ll need to watch it more than once. Enjoy!

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