Want to own some classic surf memorabilia from the original ‘Point Break’?

The original “Point Break” is one of the crowning achievements of Hollywood. A classic offering from the likes of Gary Busey, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, it is still considered the best mainstream Hollywood take on surfing.

Unfortunately, in 2009 Swayze passed away from a battle with pancreatic cancer. His departure has been a serious loss for the movie industry.

But for those of you who are “Point Break” (and Swayze) fans, we’ve got good news for you. Part of Swayze’s estate is being auctioned off, with some of the surfboards, wetsuits and other items Swayze used in “Point Break” up for grabs.

9 items in total from “Point Break” are up for auction, with the prized possessions being two of the surfboards Swayze’s character “Bohdi” used in the movie. The first is a six-foot nine-inch Spyder that’s starting at $500.

The second is six-foot seven-inch Spyder with a channel bottom that’s starting at $2,000.

You can check out all the items for auction here. The auction is taking place April 28-29, so you’ve got two weeks to prepare for purchasing surf movie history.

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