Paddle Healthy | Dynamic Full-Body Warm-Up Routine | Video

Paddle Healthy | Dynamic Full-Body Warm-Up Routine

A Dynamic, Full-Body Warm-Up Exercise Flow For Standup Paddlers

Regardless of whether you’re headed out into wind, waves or flatwater, a good standup paddle session begins with a good warm-up.

According to Jon Brown, owner and trainer at Extreme Athletics in Costa Mesa, California, “The main purpose of a dynamic warm-up should be to take your muscles through a full range of motion while elevating the heart rate, opening up your joints and activating the nervous system, all while mimicking sport-specific movements.”

For standup, this means activating your lower body, especially through the hips and lower back.  In this video, Jon shows us an example of a dynamic warm up for standup paddling that can be done at home or right on the beach before you head out.

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