Watch a BASE Jumper Drop Through a Space Net

In the Moab Desert, an adventure club called the Moab Monkeys has suspended a hand-woven web called the Space Net 400 feet above the rocky desert floor. Merely laying on it would induce vertigo in most people, but BASE jumper Matt Blank drops through a hole in the middle and backflips through the air before deploying his parachute. Blank is no stranger to impressive jumps, a few years ago he threw himself off the top of a U-Haul as it passed over a bridge.

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The Space Net was a collective project derived from a smaller, triangular version dubbed the Space Thong constructed in 2012. The Space Net was created by professional slackliner Andy Lewis with the help of over 50 volunteers during a three-day span. The nearest cliff is 200 feet away from the hanging pentagon. 

“All I’m thinking about now is how insanely empowering the cumulative strength of an entire community is when brought together by an idea and a dream, watching the paper towel sketched construction and experiencing something brand new that can only be defined as ‘next generation,’ has left me truly inspired and humbled,” Lewis wrote on

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