Watch a BASE Jumper Make the First Flight Over the Pyramids

Belgian BASE jumper and Red Bull pro Cédric Dumont is the first person to fly by wingsuit over the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Dumont jumped from a plane and glided over the expanse of the pyramids before he gracefully landed at the steps of the Khufu and Menkaure pyramids.

The 43-year-old athlete was able to get a one-of-a-kind view of the ancient wonder of the world with the historic jump, but had to get special clearance from the Egyptian government. Because the area above the pyramids is protected military airspace, government security has kept anyone else from achieving this feat before Dumont. But cooperation with Egypt’s Ministries of Defense, Youth Sports and Antiquities, and the General Secretariat made the stunt possible.

This is not Dumont’s only accomplishment in the world of wingsuit flights and BASE jumping. In 2009, he successfully jumped from the 550-foot Vilnius Tower — Lithuania’s tallest building. He has also jumped from the 1,260-foot Royal Gorge Bridge in Cañon City, Colorado and the 1,414-foot Jin-Moa tower in Shanghai, China. In addition to the great heights, Dumont holds the record for world’s lowest BASE jump — a free fall from 115 feet.