Watch a Brazilian Strongman Remove a Car Blocking His Bike Lane

When it comes to cars versus cyclists, autos have the upper hand for heft and power. That is, unless you are this unidentified strong man in São Paulo, Brazil. Then, you just make people give you the right of way — by picking up their cars and moving them.

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Someone caught the act on video and posted it to YouTube earlier this week. In the footage, you see a very large man approach a compact car that a driver so rudely left in a designated bike lane. While for most of us, it would make sense to just shake our heads and pedal around, that's not an option for this human bulldozer. In three seemingly effortless scoots, the new hero of cyclists round the world removes the car from the bike lane while the pedestrians around him cheer (because he clearly doesn't need their help). Knowing that he — and all of the cyclists after him — can now can cycle swerve-free, he calmly picks up his grossly undersized bike and slowly rides off without any comment.

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