Watch a GoPro Fall 10,000 Feet Without Its Owner

Kristoffer Örstadius found an abandoned but still intact GoPro camera in the middle of a field in Kristianstad, Sweeden, and posted a YouTube video last Friday hoping it would lead him to its owner. The found footage shows a group of four Swedish skydiving buddies (one of them inexplicably barefoot) about to jump out of their plane and attempting to link up in an air formation — until the GoPro is knocked loose and begins to fall 10,000 feet for over a minute and a half. What happens next is reminiscent of the opening credits in the Twilight Zone television series, a dizzying blur as it takes a death spin. The GoPro camera apparently withstands the fall, landing in a grassy field that you see for a moment before it fades to black. After the video was posted, a nearby Swedish flying club — Skydive Skåne — claimed it.

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