Watch a Hang Glider Shoot Through Moab’s Wilson Arch

The Wilson Arch near Moab, Utah, is just 91 feet wide and 46 feet tall, but that didn't stop Zac Majors and the Rhythm of Flight team from shooting the gap on a hang glider. "This is not something to fool with, this is definitely a serious endeavor what we're trying," Majors says. "My heart gets going a little bit when I think about it once in awhile. We can do this, as long as we get the right conditions to launch."

Westend61/Getty Images

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Those right conditions only came for a split second between wind speeds blowing from 3 mph to 14 mph, and then finally back down to 3 mph — that's when Majors took the leap. With a purple and blue smoke stream tail, Majors threads the arch, drifts up, and lands safely on the other side, concluding his flight with an undeniably true but understated comment: "Wow, that'll get your blood pumping in the morning."

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