Watch a Kayaker Take on a Roaring, 115-Foot Waterfall

British Columbia's Lillooet River Keyhole Falls has been a white whale for many of the world's top kayakers. After two years of planning, Spaniard Aniol Serrasolses made the first successful run of the 35-meter (115-foot) falls.

Mj 390_294_a kayak fit for the museum of modern art

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The Red Bull athlete and his crew spent two months in British Columbia, training, finalizing logistics, and monitoring water levels below the falls. In fact, it wasn't until the team's sixth visit to Keyhole Falls that Serrasolses felt the conditions were right. Complicating the feat, the approach to Keyhole Falls is unrideable, so Serrasolses had to rappel down the canyon walls to a porta-ledge to launch his kayak.

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