Watch a Pit Bull Go Speed Flying Over Hawaii

There's no big-name adventurer like Matthias Giraud, or Jon DeVore, in the latest GoPro speed flying video. Instead, a daredevil dog named Sophie steals the show. The video shows speed flyers (a faster type of paragliding) Gage Galles and Derek Dutton take to the cliffs of Hawaii with Sophie, Galles' pet pit bull, in tow. Sophie seems more excited than most humans would be as her owners zip her up into a flight pouch, strap her on the front of the flight harness, and count down to the jump.

After taking off into the air, it's all floppy ears and epic aerial views of the island. Upon landing, Sophie clearly thanks Galles for the glide down the mountain with some very slobbery pit bull kisses. If there's an extreme sport version of a dog sticking its head out of a car window to catch a breeze, this is it.

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