Watch a Shark’s Point of View as it Cruises the Ocean Floor

Just in time for Shark Week: Watch a hammerhead's point of view as it cruises the ocean floor among other sharks and fish. Videographer Andy Casagrande was able to slip a GoPro on the huge creature with a harness on its dorsal fin.

"I got it!" Casagrande cheers, as the shark swims off. What's next is a peek through a window on the world as seen by a hammerhead, as it weaves left and right along the bottom of the ocean floor with the GoPro (and a Remora fish) along for the ride.

Although Casagrande makes it look like an easy feat, it's worth noting that he's an experienced wildlife expert who has worked alongside sharks, including great whites, numerous times for programs like National Geographic's Explorer: Ultimate Shark.  

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