Watch a Skimboarder Ride Big Waves and Pull Tricks Better Than a Surfer

Brad Domke, 26, is king of one of the fastest-growing extreme sports — big-wave skimboarding. A rider typically launches his skimboard — essentially a small surfboard without fins — from the beach, riding across thin waves in shallow water and sometimes skimming out to breaking waves to catch air. But an increasing number of skimboard pioneers are hitching rides on jetskis into deeper water once reserved for surfers — and Domke is leading the way.


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Last year in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, the Florida native rode what is widely considered the largest wave ever on a skimboard: a massive barrel ride that elicited online comparisons to big-wave legend Laird Hamilton. "That was a crazy moment," Domke later said about the ride. "I was on my back foot leaning so hard, it felt like my toes were digging into the rail. I came flying out barely on my rail's edge and then I was hydroplaning through all the foam. It was one to remember." With an increasing number of skimboard tours and brands taking notice, Domke is poised to take the sport mainstream — as seen in this greatest hits reel from RedBull video.

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