Watch a Wingsuit Pilot Fly Through an Eight-Foot Wide Cave

BASE jumper Uli Emanuele pulled off arguably the most difficult BASE jumps and winsuit flights ever recorded, shooting through a cave only two meters wide. The 29-year-old Emanuele shot the video with a GoPro Hero4 camera attached to his helmet in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland — one of the most popular areas in the world for BASE jumping. "I found this hole three years ago. At that moment it was impossible to fly through. After three years of hard training I was ready for it," he said in a report with Geeky Gadgets.

During the nearly three-minute spot, we see Emanuele measure the widest area of the opening at 2.6 meters, jump from the top of a mountain, pilot through the cave with limb-tingling accuracy, and land just in time to try to make friends with a few alpine goats. On its YouTube channel, GoPro described the feat as "possibly the most technical and difficult base jump ever." The footage, which became public for the first time on Wednesday, was shot in September 2014. 

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