Watch an Ice Climber Scale Niagara Falls

Canadian world-class ice climber and paraglider Will Gadd is now the first person to climb up Niagara Falls. Gadd, who was named as a National Geographic 2015 Adventurer of the Year, used crampons, ice axes, and a specially designed Black Diamind prototype "ice hook" to complete the W16+ climb. A W16+ is the most difficult rating for this style of climbing.

Gadd and his team worked with the NYS Parks department and NY State Police to create a climbing plan and route that would ensure the safety of everyone involved, and protect the environment of the natural national landmark. 

The route began on the American side of the Horseshoe section of Niagara, near what's known as Terrapin Point, and extended approximately 147 feet from bottom to top. At one point during the feat, Gadd was climbing behind the waterfall on ice sections behind the falls. He completed the route three times, taking an hour for each ascent.

Gadd has other impressive adventure feats to his name as well, including a climb into the iron mines of Sweden and paragliding over the Rocky Mountains. He's now the only person to have successfully ascended a Niagara Falls ice climb.