Watch an Unconscious Skydiver Get Saved in Free Fall

Jumping from 12,000 feet, skydiver Christopher Jones was suddenly hit by an epileptic seizure as he fell at more than 110 miles per hour. Jones's instructor, Shane McFarlane, caught the fall on his helmet camera, showing his attempts and eventual save of Jones around 4,000 feet.

Jones, who had been diagnosed with epilepsy, called it the "one of the scariest moments of my life." Thankfully, McFarlane, who leads jumps for the WA Skydiving Academy in Australia, was able to catch him and pull his parachute’s ripcord while Jones was unconscious and seizing.

The video, which has more than 4 million views, shows Jones in the plane fully conscious and alert while prepping and making the jump. About twenty seconds into the free fall, Jones's body begins convulsing and he goes unconsciousness while attempting to make a turn at 9,000 feet. Losing control of his body, Jones flipped onto his back for nearly 5,000 feet before McFarlane was able to reach him. McFarlane pulled Jones’ ripcord at 4,000 feet — a safe altitude since most experienced skydivers pull their parachute around 3,000 feet — before pulling his own.

Jones regained consciousness after his parachute was deployed and landed safely. McFarlane later said that he was able to remain composed and take proper action because he knew Jones would be okay. Even if he hadn’t been able to catch him, the parachute pack had a device installed that automatically deploys.

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