Watch as fisherman catches staggering goliath grouper from WaveRunner

Anyone who has ever caught a goliath grouper knows that, even in perfect conditions, it can feel impossible to get one to the surface.

As their name belies, goliath groupers are massive and fight like hell. In the past year, we’ve posted two videos showing goliath groupers pulling grown men overboard from full-sized fishing boats.

So to reel one in while standing aboard a personal watercraft in choppy seas is pretty amazing. And that’s exactly what Capt. Ben Chancey did on a recent fishing trip off the Florida coast:

The awesome moment was caught on film by the Chew On This YouTube fishing channel and uploaded on Tuesday.

“I think it’s the first time ever … someone’s caught a giant goliath grouper from a [WaveRunner],” Chancey can be heard exclaiming as he reels in the huge catch.

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As seen from this screen grab, Chancey’s catch was nearly the size of his WaveRunner.

While there’s no way to tell just yet if Chancey’s claims of it being a world’s first are legitimate, it wouldn’t be his first experience pulling in a goliath in variable conditions: Back in 2015, Chancey caught a 412-pound goliath grouper on a SUP board.

And just for reference, the Atlantic goliath grouper can weigh as much as 700 pounds and grow up eight feet in length according to Oceana. By comparison, the WaveRunner that Chancey appears to be riding — a Yamaha WaveRunner VX — weighs 667 pounds.

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