Watch Brie Larson Jump From a Helicopter and Eat Bugs With Bear Grylls on ‘Running Wild’

Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic
Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic

Brie Larson took a major adventure earlier this year in Captain Marvel—but nothing could prepare her for the trip she took with Bear Grylls on the new season of Running Wild.

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Larson joined Grylls for the first episode, taking an expedition into an island jungles in Panama. The episode included Larson and Grylls arriving at the island by jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean before venturing into the jungle:

Grylls spoke with Men’s Journal about his trip with Larson ahead of the season, saying that the Captain Marvel star was an “amazing, positive and hard-working presence” as the two battled “mosquitoes, sharks, and the unknowns of the jungle.”

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During the course of the episode, Larson also went over a swamp filled with crocodiles, and ate some insects to help get some protein in her system: “I just ate a beetle larva, I’d rather not explain what it tastes like,” Larson said in the episode. “I think I’m supposed to feel more energized than I do. I think that cappuccinos work better.”

Here’s a look at Larson having some rhino beetle larvae for a “good snack”:

In a deleted scene from the episode, Larson and Grylls made a spear to use in the jungle:

Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs on National Geographic channel on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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