Watch Candide Thovex’s Latest Powder-Filled Ski Film, ‘Few Words’

Candide Thovex is arguably the most accomplished big mountain skier in the sport. Known as the "Flying Frenchman," Thovex stepped into the limelight as the first skier to land the 120-foot transfer jump across a Utah gully known as Chad's Gap in 2000. The second time he cleared it, he added a D-spin 720 for the first successful rotation over a gap. From there it was all about skiing the biggest, highest, deepest for Thevox — and he's been bringing his adventures to the masses with seemingly unreal ski videos.

Every film from Thevox has stoked imaginations — from his point of view videos to feature-length movies. His latest, Few Words, is no different. Released by Quicksilver on Tuesday, it's gorgeously shot and profiles Thevox, as well as paying homage to the bigger story of what exactly draws men to the mountains. The award-winning documentary was released in Europe in 2012, but the full-length version just dropped because a French cable channel owned exclusive rights for two years.

Few Words follows the entirety of Thovex's career, from his childhood beginnings in the French Alps to his time on the professional circuit through the eyes and words of his family, friends, and fellow pro riders. The first 10 minutes of the film set the stage with insane wide-lens shots of Thevox ripping pillow lines and big mountain shredding. Some of the most beautiful mountains in the world are Thevox’s costars. The Massif de la Balme in Canada and Austrian Alps make for beautiful terrain as the skier lands his signature rotations. A shot of Thevox ripping on a big table at Mammoth is incredible and the vertical lines he rides are unbelievable.  It's easy to forget that the film is over two years old because the insane skiing and awe-inspiring settings are timeless.

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