Watch Jamie O’Brien help save bodyboarder’s life at Pipeline

On Thursday, as reported by SURFING, cameras captured the dramatic moment when surfer Jamie O’Brien teamed up with six-time bodyboarding world champion Guilherme Tamega to help save the life of another bodyboarder at Pipeline.

In the video, the duo is seen being assisted by several other North Shore lifeguards in pulling the unresponsive bodyboarder from the heavy Hawaiian surf and performing CPR until he regained a pulse.

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As seen in the video, the bodyboarder, identified as Dylan McGinn of New Jersey, just fails to get under the lip of a huge wave and is sent headfirst down into the reef at Pipeline, knocking him unconscious.

The first person to the scene of the rescue is Tamega, an off-duty lifeguard, who hops off his bodyboard and begins dragging McGinn to shore. O’Brien is next to respond and is quick to assist Tamega in getting McGinn onto a surfboard and ferrying his limp body back to land with the help of others from the North Shore Lifeguards Association.

“I saw a double-up coming and saw Dylan paddling for it. He was deeper, and then I saw him paddling for it. I said, ‘Ah, that guy got it.’ I saw the wave breaking and, all of a sudden, I saw him in the impact zone and only the board came out, no signs of him,” Tamega explained on camera to photographer Joao Ricardo Januzzi a few minutes later.

Tamega said another set of waves came, making it hard for him to get to McGinn immediately. After the set rolled through, he saw McGinn already beginning to drift back out to the ocean.

“I paddled as hard as I could towards him, and by the time I got to the board, I had to pull my hand down and grab him by the shirt to pull him out,” Tamega said.

“He was already purple. I tried to keep his head out of the water. He was really heavy, but we put him on the soft-top board and dragged him to the beach.”

Once they finally got McGinn to shore, the group began performing CPR on him to help McGinn regain his pulse. In the video, seawater can be seen pouring from McGinn’s mouth and nose as one lifeguard performs chest compressions on him.

Tamega can be seen preparing and placing automatic electronic defibrillator pads on McGinn’s body.

Jamie O'Brien helps save bodyboarder at Pipeline
Surfer Jamie O’Brien can be seen at right, assisting world champion bodyboarder Guilherme Tamega in saving bodyboarder Dylan McGinn’s life. Photo: Courtesy of Joao Ricardo Januzzi
According to Hawaii News Now, their efforts were successful and McGinn did regain his pulse. He was subsequently taken to a local hospital in critical condition, but is alive and breathing on his own.

Following the rescue, Tamega took to Instagram to thank his fellow lifeguards for assisting him in the save:

According to Surfer Today, McGinn will stay in the hospital as he continues to recover from the incident. O’Brien has yet to comment.

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