Watch: John Oliver Goes Deep on the Climbing Issues at Mount Everest

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver / HO / Screenshot / YouTube / Everest Piece
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver / HO / Screenshot / YouTube / Everest PieceLast Week Tonight with John Oliver / HO / Screenshot / YouTube

With heavy crowds and numerous deaths, 2019 has been one of the most controversial years surrounding Mount Everest. On top of that, there’s been plenty of attention on the waste left behind by climbers, including three metric tons of trash that was hauled off the mountain in a two-week span back in May.

Long Lines and Overcrowding Are Creating a Deadly Climbing Season on Mount Everest

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The subject and issues around Everest have received a lot of headlines lately, and that’s why comedian and host John Oliver took on the adventurous subject for his most recent episode.

Oliver is known for his deep dives into singular topics on his show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and this week it was about the climbing issues, pollution, and overcrowding surrounding Mount Everest. Oliver detailed some of the history of climbing on the mountain, pointing out that the total number of accents has increased over 35-fold in the years since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the climb: There were just 260 ascents in the 35 years after Hillary and Norgay’s climb; but through 2018, there were 9,159 ascents.

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As Oliver points out, the issues at Everest have been percolating for years, but in 2018 and 2019, the issues have become headline news around the world due to the long lines, deaths, and garbage left behind.

Take a look at Oliver’s report:

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