Watch lady skateboarders tear it up in new Red Hot Chili Peppers video

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers embody the Southern California identity is an understatement. The funk rock band has consistently put out hits over the past three decades that talk about the SoCal lifestyle, while the two most prominent band members, bassist Flea (Michael Peter Balzary) and lead singer Anthony Kiedis, are both passionate snowboarders and surfers.

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So it only makes sense that for the first single off the band’s eleventh LP, The Getaway, which was released today, the band would put out a music video showcasing a group of female longboarders ripping through Los Angeles.

The music video for the single “Dark Necessities” was directed by Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde and prominently features female longboarders Carmen “Sutra” Shafer, Amanda Caloia, Amanda Powell, and Noelle Mulligan, in addition to the (shirtless as usual) band.

This is hardly the first foray into the world of action sports for the Chili Peppers. The music video for the band’s 2000 single “Californication” showed video game depictions of the band doing everything from snowboarding through California to surfing on a shark’s back (it makes more sense if you watch the video):

In fact, the release of the new album had to be delayed for months after Flea broke his arm in five places in a snowboarding accident in Montana this past ski season.

And way back in 1991, Kiedis made an infamous cameo in the cult classic film Point Break as Tone, a local Southern California surfer who fiercely protects his break, before getting his ass kicked by Johnny Utah:

This has been your daily dose of 1990’s nostalgia.

EDITOR’S NOTE, 6/17/16, 5:42 p.m.: A previous version of this post said that it was Kiedis who broke his arm in the Montana accident. It was Flea who sustained the injury. GrindTV regrets the error.

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