Watch Mountain Bikers Carve Namibia’s Stunning Dunes

The coastal country Namibia features some of the most surreal and enchanting stretches of preserved dunes in the world. The dune-specific region, Sossusvlei, is already a top destination in southwestern Africa, particularly for explorers hoping to score some photos of its ancient sights, like Dune 45, a star dune that contains 5 million year old sands. But a young German named Andi Tillmann, along with a group of friends, decided to experience the dunes by mountain bike.

Tillmann, a pro mountain biker for the European Team InFocus, has seen his share of arduous bike paths. In a recent video, the German expertly navigates Schladming Bike Park in Austria, a steep trail littered with roots and rock formations, all the while weaving through heavily shaded woods. Though the riding in Namibia is far from technical, they do experience a new challenge as there's no lift service or road to the top.

Namibian dunes can reach nearly 1,000 feet in height, which provides enough drop to give Tillman and his friends the speed they need to flow over the thick sand. At the edge of the hill are small vegetation-specked bumps, which not only offer the bikers a chance to catch some air, but also clue tourists in to the ephemeral, underground rivers below, which provide the entire region with nourishment.

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