Watch Pro Riders Pay Homage to 1983’s ‘BMX Bandits’

Two pro BMX riders and their attractive female friend get wrapped up with bank robbers and an 88-minute "High Flying Ride To Adventure" begins. That's the plot of BMX Bandits, a campy teen action flick that only the '80s could get away with. Now, in honor of what's become a cult classic in the BMX world (alongside Rad), pro riders Corey Bohan, Mike "Hucker" Clark, and Leanna Curtis, made a seven-minute tribute that relives (and actually improves on) the original stunts. True to the era, Bicycle Motocross even re-creates overly dramatic camera angles, '80s sound effects, and a car chase that ends in an explosion.

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Bicycle Motocross, led by Bohan, took two years of planning, two weeks of filming in Sydney, Australia, and a lifetime of watching the original BMX Bandits (you can see the first three minutes below). The Australian-produced 1983 original followed PJ, Goose, and, Judy — famously played by Nicole Kidman in her silverscreen debut. The three decide to foil a bank robbery, and intense BMX tricks ensue. BMX Bandits is to BMX what The Mighty Ducks is for hockey lovers — minus the Disney production value.

If a BMX Bandits short reboot was ever in need, Bohan and Clark were the two to get it done. Bohan won the BMX Dirt X Games competition three times in a row and was named the Dirt Jumper of the Year from 2004 to 2008. Clark is a RedBull Athlete and pro BMX rider, and Leanna Curtis is a pro BMX racer in Australia.

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