Watch Skydivers Jump From 33,000 Feet Over Mont Blanc

A pair of French daredevils named Vince Reffert and Fred Fugen recently jumped from 33,000 feet above Mont Blanc. The men soar and somersault above the Earth, looking caught somewhere between the planet and space. They even exchange a high five before pulling their chutes and gliding along the mountain down into the Graian Alps countryside. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps, with an iconic snow-peaked hood, and Reffert and Fugen enjoy the thrill of a rare aerial view before landing safely. 


These men aren’t new to aerial excitement, however. Both are members of the Soul Flyers, a group comprised of BASE jumpers, wingsuiters, and paragliders, formed in 2003. In fact, the chemistry and precision showcased between Reffert and Fugen on their Mont Blanc dive was forged after nearly 7,000 jumps together over 13 years. 

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