Watch Surfer Jamie O’Brien Ride Teahupo’o While on Fire

For surfer Jamie O'Brien, merely riding Tahiti's infamous Teahupo'o wasn't enough. The 32-year-old Hawaiian native joined forces with Red Bull and surfed the massive swells while on fire.  

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Clad in a combined 15 pounds of thermals suits, sweatshirts, and wetsuit, O'Brien set himself on fire with the help of his team and set off through the barrel of a giant wave. Though the flames drifted to the left side of his face, giving him a slight burn and scorching some of his eyebrow, O'Brien stayed upright, and was eventually totally extinguished by the ocean spray.  

O'Brien told Red Bull, "The whole barrel lights up fluorescent orange! It's this really crazy feeling. Usually in the barrel everything slows down and you don't hear anything, but the noise of a flame in the barrel is incredible. You can't really describe it."

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