Watch Surfers Compete on the World’s Biggest Tidal Bore

Watch big-wave surfers ride the world's largest tidal bore during Red Bull's Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out in Hangzou, China. The "Silver Dragon" bore is the result of a tidal-wave funneling into Qiantang's narrow, shallow inlet from Hangzou Bay, and the massive wave intensifies as it moves up the Qiantang River for miles. Surfers come from around the world to ride this wave, which has existed for several thousand years.  

Historically, the Chinese government prohibited surfing on the river, due to frequent drowning and injuries, but the ban was lifted to allow the annual surf contest. The Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out is held during China's Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon is full and the bore is ongoing. Surfers are dropped into the bore with jet skis, and can ride twenty minutes upriver, past crowds and high rises, as opposed to seconds spent on ocean breaks. 

The 2014 contest brought in eight surfers from around the world. Jamie O'Brien and Jamie Sterling won the 2014 contest, and you can watch GoPro footage of the never-ending break here. 

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