Watch the Furious 7 Crew Drop Five Cars From an Airplane

The trailer for Furious 7 opens several 1,000 feet in the air as Vin Diesel and crew drop from a C-130 carrier plane in their street racing cars. Moments later, parachutes engage, and upon landing the action stars pick up a high-speed mountain ridge chase. 

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Universal’s biggest franchise of all time opens on Friday, April 3rd, after being put on hold following the death of Paul Walker last summer. The budget for the seventh Fast and Furious movie — with all its special effects glory — has been reportedly stretched to $250 million. The film’s IMDB page lists a crew of over 600 special FX experts, from visual coordinators to stunt drivers.

Watch here as we get an inside look at how ridiculously ambitious the stunts have become — stunt coordinators Andy and Jack Gill explain how much research and preparation went in to orchestrating the automobile aerobatics seen in the trailer for the movie, citing timing and spacing issues when filming the cars dropping from the sky.

Aerial camera flyer JT Holmes seems psyched but harried as he explains the pathos behind his skydiving dexterity, the challenges of dodging cars rolling out of the airplane one after the other, "I want to step off at the exact moment the car robs me of the room I’m standing on," he says before he leaps after the falling cars with a GoPro Hero 4 strapped to his helmet. (You can watch the trailer below.)

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