Watch the World’s First BMX Quadruple Backflip

Until recently, American James Foster and New Zealander Jed Mildon shared the record for most backflips on a BMX bike at three full flips with a clean landing. But the pair was unhappy with sharing the mantle and have spent the better half of a year chasing the fabled four-backflip jump, an accomplishment that eventually only Mildon was able to achieve. 

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Chronicling a year of injuries, intense competition, and insane dreams, NBC aired the stunt in the 90-minute Revolution Day this past Sunday. Its finest moment came when the Kiwi finally landed the impossible trick, as much to the joy of his friends as to the disappointment of his competitor, Foster.  

Still, each of these Nitro Circus stars has the full attention and respect of their brethren in the sport. Travis Pastrana, who runs MTV's Nitro Circus TV series and traveling show has made a career off improbable stunts, appears multiple times in the clip, seemingly in disbelief at the trick’s difficulty. Each rider echoes that the maneuver requires complete commitment. Even a millisecond of personal doubt could result in a massive injury. While Mildon had hard landings that knocked the wind out of him, Foster separated his shoulder and broke 10 ribs over three failed attempts.

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