Watch This Guy Jump Off An 820-Foot Cliff and Glide Through the Desert in a Wingsuit

Aerial view of the Rum Mountains. Wadi is an Arabic term referring to a valley. | Location: Jordan.
Soltan Frédéric/Sygma via Getty Images

Before we say anything, a word of advice: Don’t try this at home.

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Adventurer and mountaineer Tim Howell went for some thrill-seeking in the Jordanian desert, jumping off of an 820 foot cliff in the Wadi Rum valley. In the video, Howell tried his best Tom Cruise impression by base jumping off the cliff and gliding down using a wingsuit.

After Howell’s jump, his partner follows along in a parachute. The video gives you a look from Howell’s perspective as he jumps and glides down the valley before landing safely on the ground.

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Check out the video:

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