Watch What It’s Like to Get Slapped By a Grizzly Bear

Nature and technology don't always mix, but one grizzly bear made it clear that wearable tech has no place in his neck of the woods with one fell swoop of his big bear paw. Thankfully, for the sake of our entertainment, the whole thing was captured by the offending GoPro.

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Naturalist Brad Joseph was recently on a trip to Alaska, and documenting his adventures with a GoPro. In the POV footage, the grizzly comes face to face with the camera before swiping the GoPro full-force with one of his massive paws. Luckily for Joseph, he now only knows what it looks like to be slapped by a bear, instead of what it feels like.

But not all bears get angry when they're caught on camera. This fun-loving grizzly in Denali National Park recently hammed it up while rolling down a hillside for the benefit of its adoring audience.

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