Westside vs Eastside Santa Cruz Article

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Jessie Lopez is proud to be from Santa Cruz’s Westside, but he doesn’t wear his pride on his sleeve — he wears it under his sleeve. On his left biceps is a lemon-sized shield tattooed in black: “WS” it reads.

View the slideshow to see more Eastside/Westside Santa Cruz surfers wearing their pride on their sleeves.

No, it’s not gangster rivalry. It’s surfer rivalry. One that many hope will move from shores to stores, from waves to tattoo parlors, as an age-old surfer alliance is transformed into profitable business. The lessening of physical face-offs have turned into a game of signs and symbols so cryptic it would leave fictional “Da Vinci Code” detective Robert Langdon stroking his chin.

“It all began many moons ago,” said Jeff Singson, manager of Arrow Surf Shop on Mission Street. “There were the West Side Raiders and the Pleasure Point Night Fighters, and they were the surf gangs who had battle royals”

According to lore, the rivalry dates back to 1885 when three Hawaiian princes brought surfing to Santa Cruz. The San Lorenzo River divided the landscape — everything to the west of the river was “The Town,” everything to the east was “The Country”

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