What Does Your Face Shape Say About You?

Man thinks facial expression rotator

Have you ever checked out your face in the mirror to see whats messages you’ve unknowingly been giving off to those around you?

Face-reading, popularized by the show Lie to Me, may not be an exact science, but the results are fascinating. And if nothing else, it’s a pretty awesome parlor trick to pull out the next time you’re talking to a cute girl. 

A recent article on AskMen.com teaches us a few tricks on how to read faces to help us better understand others and ourselves. Here’s what we learned about four common face shapes:

Round Face Shape: People with circular faces tend to be more emotional, sensitive and caring than your average guy or girl. Men and women with this shape are prone to sexual fantasies and tend to have longer-term relationships.

Oblong Face Shape: People with oblong faces are practical, methodical and overachievers in their careers. Their bodies also tend to be very muscular and athletic—a potential warning sign of narcissism.

Square Face Shape: Men and women with square faces commonly possess a sharp wit and an analytical mind, but their fiery personalities can easily come across as aggressive, ambitious or domineering.

Triangular Face Shape: Guys and girls with these faces tend to be of the artistic persuasion. They have thin bodies, and their personalities are creative and sensitive. But like any artist, those with triangular faces also possess fiery temperments.

For more information on how to read facial cues and detect lies, read the full article at AskMen.com.  


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