5 Tips to Eating your Way to WWE’s Cesaro’s Ripped Body

Courtesy WWE

If you read about Swiss-born WWE superstar Cesaro's 10 Fitness Commandments, then you know, well, at least ten things about him you may not have before. But the former United States and Tag Team Champion, known to wrestling fans worldwide as the most impressive pound-for-pound specimen inside a squared circle, has so much more to impart. Namely, insight into the foods and beverages he integrates and cuts out as part of his daily routine to not merely endure in his trade, but simply look and feel healthy. So in sticking with the above-referenced Biblical motif, but with a bit more brevity, here are Cesaro's steps toward conscientious consumption (and, as a special treat, his easy-to-replicate recipe for healthy homemade ice cream).

"Here's the thing: I don't do cheat days. I have Swiss chocolate at home that my mom sends me that's different from the ones you can buy over here, which is a long diatribe about pasteurized milk that I won't get into. [laughs] Each chocolate has five blocks in a row. I eat, like, two of them in a day, maybe, when I'm home. That's a little treat. It’s not that I eat chocolate cake. By treating yourself, I mean a good meal, and that could mean steak and potatoes, which to me is a treat. I know people who have cheat days, and that works for them. But for me, I don’t really like sweets, and haven’t eaten them in so long that I don't even have the craving anymore."

"I just eat what I think is clean. There's always debate about everything, and if you look at food debates, you cannot eat anything anymore, because everything is bad. It comes down to what works for you. What works for your body doesn't work for me, so it is a trial and error phase that everybody goes through. You know your body and just listen to it. If you eat too much carbs and don’t feel good about yourself or start gaining weight, you have to stop eating carbs, but if that helps you put on some muscle, then you eat some more carbs. I think it’s interesting to read those articles and know about good carbs and bad carbs, but what it always comes down to is you should eat fresh food that hasn’t been processed too much."

"I used to be on a budget before I signed with WWE, and what I did is I would freeze a lot of my foods, like all the meats. I would buy it in bulk and just cut it into portion size and put it in the freezer. I cut down on certain things. It is crazy, because it’s cheaper to buy a two-liter bottle of soda than some vegetables, so you have to make a conscious effort to eat more healthy stuff. If you’re on a budget, you just do the best you can with the tools you’re given and go from there."

"It would be a tie, probably, between Cordon bleu with spaetzle and a Swiss dish called Zürcher Geschnetzeltes. There's a Swiss restaurant in Los Angeles, and every time we go there, I eat whatever I want. It’s not an assigned cheat day. It's just whatever I feel."

"If you guys out there want to have a real treat and you like ice cream, you take plain Greek yogurt, put two scoops of your favorite protein powder in there, mix some peanut butter in there and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes, and you have frozen ice cream, or frozen yogurt, and it tastes delicious."

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