Where the Happiest People in America Live


Three cheers for Alaska. The Last Frontier is the new bastion of well-being, according to the 2014 Gallup-Healthways study of 176,702 Americans.

Alaskans exercise more than people in any other state (remember that the next time you use the weather as an excuse), report the lowest stress levels, have the lowest rate of diabetes, and surprisingly enough, the second lowest rate of depression diagnoses in the country, The Atlantic reports

The state has actually been in the top 10 well-being rankings multiple times since the inaugural survey in 2008, but has never reigned supreme until this year. Hawaii finished top two for the sixth time, while Kentucky and West Virginia have held spots 49 and 50 for six consecutive years. Other rural (and cold) states were top 10, too: South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado Nebraska and Utah, respectively. 

People are scored in five categories In the self-reported survey: “purpose (liking what they do each day, being motivated to achieve goals), social status (having supportive relationships and love in one’s life), financial status (having minimal economic stress), community (feeling safe, and having pride in one’s community).”

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