Why a skateboard doesn’t snap during a boardslide and more physics of grinds

Whether it’s at the forefront of our minds or not, physics and skateboarding are married to each other. Simply put, without physics there would be no skateboarding.

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As Super Deluxe did earlier this summer with flip tricks, they have now dived into the physics of grinds.


In this lesson, we get to learn things like why skate wax makes a ledge easier to grind and why a board doesn’t snap when doing a boardslide. The explanation for the latter is:

“More of the board’s downward force is perpendicular to the Earth, not the rail. So the rail is only supporting some of Maurice’s weight. The steeper the rail, the less likely the board is to break.”

That’s exactly what we were thinking …

Breaking down how a boardslide doesn't break a board.
Breaking down how a boardslide doesn’t break a board.

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