Will You One Day Get a Blood Test at Walgreens?

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In this week’s New Yorker, Ken Auletta wrote a great profile on Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos, a company that is developing a new way to test blood with simple pin pricks at your local Walgreens. Holmes, who dropped out of Stanford to start the company, has recruited some serious board members, including a former CDC director and Henry Kissinger, to “upend the lucrative business of blood testing.” Some highlight stats from the piece:

• According to Holmes, “between forty and sixty per cent of people who are ordered by their doctor to get a blood test do not” because of fear of needles. Some blood test companies dispute this; indeed, these stats come from Theranos’ internal research.

• Theranos has opened blood test centers in 41 Walgreens stores so far.

• “A typical lab test for cholesterol can cost fifty dollars or more; the Theranos test at Walgreens costs two dollars and ninety-nine cents.”

• The two big lab companies that do blood testing – Quest and Laboratory Corporation of America – generate 75 billions dollars a year in revenue.

Could Theranos shake the fold? Read the entire piece on Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos here.

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