Could wolf chasing van actually be a long lost dog on the run?

A video purported to be showing a gray wolf chasing a van on a highway in British Columbia had commenters divided on whether it was a wolf or a dog, but now a woman has come forward saying it is her long lost dog.

Christine Lynn Clark saw the video and told KamloopsBCNow, “I’m almost 100 percent sure that’s my boy Bops.”

The video was published Monday by ViralHog with a description saying the wolf chased the van for a couple of kilometers, as reported by GrindTV:

Clark told the news outlet that Bops, a wolf-malamute mix, went missing in a snowstorm on December 17, 2015 in Brooks, Alberta.

Brooks is 100 miles east of Calgary. Radium Hot Springs, where the video was shot, is 260 miles west of Calgary via highways. Clark told KamloopsBCNow that Bops is half wolf and wolves are “wide-ranging animals” whose territories “can span vast regions.”

On the KamloopsBCNow Facebook page, Karen Wilson wrote that Clark posted a message on a missing pets site saying to call her if you see it again.

“This is her dog,” Wilson wrote. “If you see the pictures posted in Missing Pets you will see it is the same dog. If anyone sees this dog again, please stop and pick it up.”

Some argue that a wolf would not want to be seen by humans and wouldn’t be chasing a car, but a dog might. Still, some aren’t convinced this is Clark’s dog or that it’s a dog, period.

“We saw a wolf outside radium two summers ago, looked exactly like the one that chased down this car,” one commenter wrote. “And that was August 2015, so I don’t think it is her dog. Sadly.”

“WOLF,” another wrote.

There have been other instances of wolves chasing vehicles. In 2013 on Highway 93 in British Columbia, motorcyclist Tom Bartlett was chased by a gray wolf that emerged from the trees. A Parks Canada official told him it was not normal behavior.

If it is Clark’s dog, as one commenter pointed out, it seems to be doing OK.

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