Wolves’ attack on bison does not go as planned; rare footage

Rare nighttime footage captured in Poland reveals a dramatic standoff between wolves and bison – and a result that might surprise some people.

“Today’s snowy-night wolves seemed to [have] an excellent opportunity to hunt, [but] a brief confrontation showed who’s boss,” reads a translated description on the Zubry online Facebook page.

The footage, captured by a motion-sensor camera and released this week by the Poland’s forest service, shows the bison scatter and begin to run as wolves appear on their permitter. This obviously is what the wolves hoped for, in order to isolate a calf.

But a few braver bison halt and stand their ground, and this emboldens the herd. Other bison enter the picture and soon the herd mounts a charge of its own, and the wolves scatter into the forest.

The Telegraph, which posted the same footage with descriptive captions, points out that European bison are the continent’s largest land animal and can weigh up to 2,200 pounds.

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European bison were once hunted to near extinction, their numbers reduced to just 50 animals. They now number 4,600 animals, with more than 1,200 residing in Poland.

Poland’s wolf population numbers about 900.

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