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She has 1.3 million Instagram followers. She’s a mature 18 years old. She drives a Mercedes. She works hard. And, well, she’s cute, which is why it came as no surprise when SURFING chose Alexis to star in their 2015 Swimsuit issue. Rather than doing the traditional long-form interview, we picked eight words at random to get her candid response. No editing was required.

Victoria’s Secret: Goal. This has been my goal ever since the word “modeling” was brought up.

[Editor’s note: Her favorite Victoria’s Secret Angel is Candice Swanepoel—the prettiest one, according to Alexis.]

Surfing: It’s coming up in the future. I never had the right person to teach me, but now I have.

Brunch: My favorite meal of the day.

Boyfriend: Jay Alvarez (actor, online video star, extreme-sports enthusiast).

[Editor’s note: I disregard the word association for a sec and ask her if it’s hard to have a boyfriend given her busy schedule. Alexis’ response: “Having a boyfriend isn’t hard at all, because if you know anything about my boyfriend, he’s usually the one trying to get me to go on all these trips. We’ve also been working a lot together, so it’s been good.” ]

Beliebers: No.

Family: Everything. I think of a line, and I put family above everything.

Coachella: Party. Desert. Hot.

[Editor’s note: She laughs, as if she wants to elaborate, but knows not to…]

Instagram: Where I started. I started posting pictures when I was modeling at Forever 21 and people were responding in the comments with “Keep them coming.” And I was like, “Wow, people like this.”

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