World’s First Carbon Nanotube Surfboard

Because we all need a board that weighs less than two pounds…right?

Enlight Earth LLC and Eric Arakawa Designs bring you the world’s first carbon nanotube surfboard. This board was hand shaped and uses single wall carbon nanotube infused Epoxy making it one of the strongest and lightest surfboards in the world. Nano technology is definitely the wave of the future; the best phrase to describe the amazing abilities of  NANO is “Surface Area”. These particles are so small that they have many times the surface area of regular particles, being that surface area is far greater it allows for a lot more electro-chemical reaction, which can make a small wrist watch battery have the power of multiple 9 volt batteries and a bonding area which can be used to fill in the gaps for amazing structural strength. A quick comparison of the tensile strength of different materials will show that Nano materials far exceed the strength of anything known to man…

Structural strength examples:
Aluminum alloy        Strength (Mpa)  600
Steel                Strength (Mpa)  2,000
Silicone Carbide        Strength (Mpa)  3,440
Carbon Fiber (AS4)        Strength (Mpa)  4,300
Carbon Nanotube        Strength (Mpa)  62,000

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