World’s Hardest Marathon? Man Drags a Car 26.2 Miles

When Ross Edgley decided to take on the marathon, he didn't think the usual sweating and suffering for 26.2 miles was enough — he decided to pull a car the entire distance. The 30-year-old athletic trainer from Cheshire, England, completed the marathon in 19 hours and 36 minutes, dragging a 3,200-pound Mini Cooper Countryman through wind and rain.


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Edgley revealed in an interview with Runner's World that when he was watching movies with friends, they joked with him about the idea of running a marathon while dragging a car. This didn't turn out to be a laughing matter. Not only did Edgley accomplish this goal, he spent eight months preparing for this marathon. During one training session, Edgley said he was able to run with the Mini for up to 16 miles. 

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