Xhibitionist is the Batmobile of the high seas

The Xhibitionist looks like the Batmobile at first glance. Photo from Gray Design

At first glance, one might surmise that the above photo is the latest Batmobile that Ben Affleck will be chasing the bad guys in during the next “Batman” movie.

Sleek, futuristic, fast.

It is indeed sleek, futuristic and fast (or at least it looks fast), but it is not a car. Rather, it is a very expensive yacht, one that we could actually envision James Bond tooling around in.

The Xhibitionist is a $25 million, 246-foot megayacht designed by Sweden-based Eduard Gray that Gray Design describes as “Batmobile-esque.” Some are calling it the Batmobile of the high seas, though it’s definitely 007-ish, too.

“A common first reaction, it has to be said, is just that…’it looks like a car,'” the Gray Design website says. “Indeed, Batman has been mentioned a few times, too.”

The Xhibitionist can be yours for $25 million. Photo from Gray Design

The Xhibitionist features a helipad that can accommodate three helicopters or serve as a stage for a concert. It has a viewing window “Jacques Cousteau himself would have approved.” It has eight rooms, a showroom space, and Jacuzzis. It has a matching, swanky vehicle for onshore driving.

And don’t forget the Steinway piano in the lounge.

The yacht has been described as Batmobile-esque. Photo from Gray Design

“The Xhibitionist is partly inspired by traditions as old as seafaring itself,” the website says. “The desire to rekindle some of those traditions in an ultra-modern setting has resulted in, not only, the creation of a jaw-dropping superyacht, but the creation of a veritable entity that has almost developed a personality of its own.

“As much thought has gone into the conception of this vessel in terms of its viability as has gone into the actual structural design itself. It is, quite simply, a masterful blend of style, purpose and efficiency.”

Yeah, all of that. And much more.

So, any buyers out there for the Xhibitionist?

The yacht has a helipad that also acts as a stage. Photo from Gray Design
The Xhibitionist has a helipad that can accommodate three helicopters. Photo from Gray Design
It looks like a swanky hotel lobby inside. Photo from Gray Design
car showroom
One can turn the Xhibitionist into a showroom of cars if one desires. Photo from Gray Design
The ship comes with a matching vehicle. Photo from Gray Design

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