Towed by a 38-Pound San Roque Yellowtail – Scoring a sleigh ride in Baja

A 38-pound yellowtail is a heck of a motor.
A 38-pound yellowtail is a heck of a motor. Photo courtesy Adam Ramirez.

Towed by a 38-Pound San Roque Yellowtail
By Mike Stevens

It was only Adam Ramirez’s second trip to the Bahia Asuncion area in Baja, and it was his first time fishing the north side of San Roque when this trophy mossback struck. Despite his lack of familiarity with the area, the 46-year-old teacher from Santa Barbara, Ca. knows his way around a kayak after years of fishing his home town waters and nearby Goleta and Gaviota for white seabass and halibut.

After an easy launch in calm seas and light wind, Ramirez paddled about two miles to reach the island, and he made his way to some lobster pots that he noticed as he approached his target fishing grounds. He landed six yellowtail that day (one of which you can spot near his leg in the video) including one on his second cast, but only this one had any size to it. Ramirez spotted a respectable bottom feature on his electronics and hooked this toad with a pretty standard west-coast “yo-yo” technique.

“I noticed a ledge on my fish finder that went from 100 feet to 40 feet and started casting into the deeper water near the pots,” Ramirez said. “I used a Salas 6X Jr in Scrambled Egg on 40-pound mono and an Avet JX 2-speed and was winding as fast as I could when the fish bit.”

Ramirez started fishing a Tarpon 160i kayak a decade ago, and he never looked back. It has a lot of modifications these days including a bait tank, GoPro mount, five total rod holders and a hole for a homemade Dacron sail.

The article was originally published on Kayak Fish

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