YOLO Changes Meaning at 36

YOLO Changes Meaning at 36

The one-too-many rounds at the bar, the second helpings, the midnight takeout order (because this time it won’t do that much harm). Ah, the blissful ignorance of youth.  

An ignorance that comes crashing down at age 36, according to new research.

As three and a half decades of wisdom (and poor health decisions) pile on, a survey from the Spire Bristol Hospital in England found that, on average, age 36 is the year we become “aware of our mortality and adopt a healthier lifestyle,” according to an article in the Daily Mail.

“These findings show that by our mid-thirties, health and well-being become a much bigger priority,” Spire Bristol’s director, Rob Anderson, told the Daily Mail.

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It seems the “YOLO” (you only live once) attitude adopted by teens and 20-somethings takes on a whole new meaning as we age. Reasons for the attitude shift, according to survey findings, include a death in the family, an unflattering image of your own body, or a health scare. All of which are apparent triggers to the realization that yes, indeed you do only live once. 

Sixty percent of respondents still justified unhealthy decisions with a “life’s too short” attitude, while only forty percent said “looking after their long term health was more important than ‘living for the now,’” the Daily Mail reports.

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YOLO, so you might as well live well. 

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