Your Moment of Zen: Richard Branson and Barack Obama Kitesurfing

Former President Barack Obama’s friendship with Vice President Joe Biden is the stuff of internet legend, but now that Obama is out of the White House, there may be a new challenger for the best friend crown: Richard Branson.

Having stayed mostly out of the spotlight in the first days of the Trump administration, Obama reappeared on everyone’s radar last week, as he spent several days relaxing on a private island with Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands. Today, Branson gave the world photos of Obama smiling and the two of them kitesurfing, with Branson on a foilboard, accompanied by a “Richard Vs Barack” video. He also Tweeted about it this morning:

And more:

Branson has been a longtime and vocal supporter of Obama. Branson’s Virgin Galactic was among the competitors for NASA funds set aside by Obama to urge a private space race, and last month he took to Twitter to thank Obama for eight years of hard work. But Branson was also a forward, blunt figure in Obama’s presidential career. Early on in the campaign days, Branson challenged senators Obama and McCain on partnership proceedings between British and American airways. And at a state department dinner in 2012, Branson, an outspoken proponent of legalizing marijuana, asked then President Obama for a joint

Challenged President Barack Obama to a kitesurfing v foilboarding contest – here's what happened.

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But a little animosity never got in the way of a budding friendship. Kitesurfing anyone?

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