Alexander Polli, the World’s Most Viral BASE Jumper, Dies in Wingsuit Crash

BASE jumper Alexander Polli made his name on breath-taking proximity wingsuit videos, but his passion ultimately lead to his death on an ill-fated flight near Chamonix, France. Polli's exploits made for instant video hits. And his "Batman Cave" flight — passing through a narrow natural arch at 155 MPH — has racked up nearly 14 million views on YouTube.

Polli died Monday morning after hitting a tree in Couloir Ensa, a popular spot for the most daring wingsuit pilots to skim the ground. His death follows that of fellow wingsuit star Uli Emanuele on August 17. In 2015, Emanuele shot a similar proximity flight video, flying through a two-meter wide arch for GoPro. Emanuele reportedly crashed into rocks while filming another video.

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