Andy Stumpf

Andy’s career as a U.S. Navy SEAL started in Coronado, CA. Then, in 2002, he joined the most elite counterterrorism unit in the world. While deployed in Iraq, his team engaged the enemy; during the firefight, Andy was hit. Doctors said it would be years before he regained use of his leg, if at all. Then in 2008, after a long recovery, Petty Officer First Class Andy Stumpf became the first E-6 in the history of Naval Special Warfare to receive a commission through the Limited Duty Officer Program.

In June 2015, the highly decorated SEAL received a disability retirement from the United States Navy. Andy continues serving the SEAL community. In 2015, he set two Guinness World Records while raising $1M for the Navy SEAL Foundation—the first for base jumping 36,500 feet and the second for flying more than 18 miles in a wingsuit.

As a sponsored skydiver and BASE jumper, he travels the world creating original. His business experience includes managing corporate development, licensing, and charitable initiatives for a global fitness brand. His focus is building strategic relationships and fostering sponsorship opportunities with Fortune 500 brands. After the military, Andy founded a consulting firm that helps the world’s top business leaders utilize lessons learned during a decade of sustained combat operations.